The Big Kahuna at AJ’s Steakhouse

ajs.steakhouse.steak.image.jpgAs a guy we imagine you’ve probably had your fair share of steaks. Cutting into a juicy searing hot medium rare porterhouse falls into the top 10 reasons why you love being a guy.

If you’re ever in or passing through the Iowa area then take our suggestion and make a detour to a town called Grinnell. If you fancy yourself a man with a good appetite then muster up the courage to take on the “Big Kahuna”, an infamous stomach stretching 205 ounce beef yacht that has never been conquered by one man alone. From what we understand, 150 ounces is the closest. The beef is grilled on a charcoal pit, sliced and served medium rare. For those of you who prefer something smaller, there is an 80 ounce sirloin that’s free of charge… so long as you can eat it in one hour. No sides please.

At AJ’s Steakhouse you’ll be surrounded in a comfortable atmosphere, old barn wood tables, tiled floors and a mix of nature prints. Not that you’ll notice it over your slab of meat.