Callaway I-Mix FT-5 Driver With Interchangeable Shafts


Wet fairways? Got a shaft for it.
Firm fairways? Got a shaft for it.
Short & Tight? Got a shaft for it.
Windy? Got a shaft for it.

Almost sounds like a used car salesman, but the Callaway I-Mix FT-5 Driver specs couldn’t be farther from it. When pros are out on tour they have the luxury of having every club at their disposal before going out on the course. They choose drivers specifically tuned for variable conditions and with the I-Mix technology that flexibility is now available to you.

I-Mix allows you to choose between 22 different FT-i and FT-5 clubheads and over 70 different shaft choices to give you exactly the club you want. You just use the I-Mix Torque wrench to separate the club head from the shaft whenever you need adjusting. The tip is made of precision-milled aerospace-grade aluminum and titanium and plays and feels just like a traditional shaft/hosel intersect. And the taper-lock force ensures your club face won’t end up in another golfer’s mug.

What this means to you: Flexbility is the name of the game here. The traditionals won’t appreciate the on-the-fly adjustment, but then why would you possibly care if you’re taking strokes off your round. Oh, and when’s the last time you saw a driver boxed up like that?

Cost: $350 @ Edwin Watts Golf (shafts not included)