Counting Crows | Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings

counting.crows.saturday.nights.sunday.mornings.jpgHas it really been six years since we heard nappy hair Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz croon his way through “American Girls” on the painfully underappreciated Hard Candy?

Yes it has, almost six years since July 30, 2002 to be exact. so we’re expecting just as much from this album as you are. Instead of sharing with you our hopes of perfect blue buildings… oh wait, that’s a lyric we thought it best to share Adam Duritz’s take on the premise of the album:

“Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings is the story of what happens when all the bright lights start to burn instead of glitter and you become more of a part of the shadow they cast behind you than the person you are in front. Produced in two parts by Gil Norton & Brian Deck, it’s about a flood of sin and liquor and dissolution and insanity and it’s about trying to rebuild the life you wrecked in the wake of that flood. It’s about the way it feels. It’s about me. It’s a Counting Crows album. We’re back. We were only ever as far gone as you can go.

What this means to you: Sounds about right for Counting Crows. Either way, we’re glad they’re back. Listen to You Can’t Count On Me and When I Dream of Michelangelo”.

Cost: $10 @ Amazon (preorder for March 25, 2008 Release)