Gear Patrol Is Hiring

gp.hiring.jpgGear Patrol is looking for writers and contributors. We expect you to work 50 hours a week, wear Hugo Boss power suits with pocket squares and have an apartment in Manhattan. You must also be comfortable skiing double black diamonds and understand proper sailing technique. Flipped up collars on polo shirts optional… on Fridays.

Um, hell no. But we are looking for someone that’s willing to contribute a few posts per week, do the occasional round-up, and drink Stella or Knob Creek with us after work. No previous blogging experience required, but you need to write well, understand our mission, possess a sense of humor sarcasm. Bonus if you live in NYC.

You must be savvy with some or all of the industries pertaining to the categories we cover here on GP: style, gadgets, grooming, electronics, vehicles, entertainment, food, sports & fitness, and games. We can teach you the rest. In turn you will be blessed with journalistic adoration, great swag and one killer business card.

Oh, and if all goes well, we’ll hook you up with a MacBook.

If you’re interested and more importantly, qualified, then email [email protected] with “GP Writer” in the subject line along with a brief explanation of why you’re qualified, your favorite post on GP, and a sample post of a product appropriate to GP. Finally, no one likes attachments, that includes us.