U.S. Marine One | The $11,000,000,000 Program


The VH-71 is a good looking helicopter. That is, until we read on Danger Room that this little beauty and it’s 28 sisters will cost the U.S. around $11 bilion dollars to operate, about $400 million per chopper. Airwolf didn’t even cost that much and at least they had Jan-Micahel Vincent at the helm. Just for sake of reference, the cost of the U.S. Marine One is more than Beoing 747 based Air Force One. Don’t get me wrong. We enjoy a good helicopter and the HMX-1 , Marine Helicopter Squadron One “The Nighthawks” do an underappreciated task. They’re amazing feats of engineering, but $11,000,000,000 is just a pinch too much to fathom. The President requires no holds bards protection, that’s undeniable, but all the other dignitaries, VIP’s and people no one cares about need to ride Coach with the rest.

I suppose there’s a group of acquisition managers toasting a drink to this deal and either they’re either genius bastards or pork barrel evangelists. [via Danger Room and Washington Post]

What this means to you: How much are we supposed to be getting with “Economic Stimulus Plan?” Food for thought.