$600 | The Economic Stimulus Payment

economic.stimulus.plan.amount.jpg$600. The amount the United States Internal Revenue Service will be cutting you via check as part of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 which, “provides economic stimulus payments to be made to over 130 million households.”

Use the Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator on the IRS site to see if you qualify. You’ll need your 1040 form. We just love saying the words “economic stimulus payment.” It’s contrived government lingo, at best.

If you earn over $75,000 then you’ll be allocated a progressively smaller amount. If you earn less than $3,000, then well… stop reading this site and go get a job you non-contributing ass.

Gear Patrol will have its Official Unofficial Economic Stimulus Payment Buyer’s Guide for Men next week. Until then, find solace in the thought of free money.

What this means to you: Who doesn’t like free money? It’s just too bad our government feels it necessary to give us cash instead of improving things, like… oh… say the war?