Mercedes C63 AMG Commercial | GP Salute

mercedes.c63.amg.commercial.jpgTelevision commercials, for the most part, are blasé. Little creativity and a lot of politics tends to sum up the results of most of what’s on the airwaves today.

However, this spot for the 2008 Mercedes C63 AMG, which we posted on GP a while back made me want to take a second mortgage on my home. No, not to buy the C63 AMG, but to fund the eighty-seven sets of tires I would inevitably bald trying to recreate the driving depicted in this commercial. Of course, New York cabbies drive like this on a regular basis but that’s an entirely different subject altogether.

You can and should watch the commercial after the jump, but if not then I can sum up the trasnscript for you.

“300 horsepower is fast. 400 will take your breathe away. That’s why we gave it 451.”

It’s pure unadultered simplicity at it’s finest. To those crazy German engineers who fully believe in cramming as much horsepower into as small of a vehicle as possible. We salute you.

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