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We have no qualms with the betterment of all mankind. We certainly have no problem with the betterment of all mankind through promotion. And we definitely have no problem with this promotion through the beauty of the female form.

Meet the Vegan Vixens, a group of women whose goal is to inspire men to live a longer and happier life by making healthier decisions on what they eat. In the case of this poster, it’s not so much healthier eating as it is anti-dog fighting (ED: I’m going to take a shot and say that there’s probably few readers of Gear Patrol who participate in dog fighting).

The message of the Vegan Vixens show is to alleviate suffering that our environment and animal friends endure in addition to promotion of compassion. More images at Asylum. [via]

What this means to you: We’re firm believers in the advancement and betterment of men. Hell, that’s part of our goal here at Gear Patrol. That doesn’t mean a touch of guilty pleasure can’t be the reason for better awareness. (Image Credit: