Musty Putter | Custom Wood Putter

March 31, 2008 Sports and Outdoors : Sports By


A custom putter is what we like to call a compulsory luxury. It costs a lot and you need it. One could argue the same qualifies for an Aston Martin DB7, but we prefer skipping the semantics.

Musty Putters are unique, and by unique we mean that no one you currently know has one in their bag. Everything from the length of the putter to the wood type (Cocobolo, Tigerwood, Bloodwood are examples), to custom engraving are elements to customize. We engraved the top of ours “Drive for show” and the bottom “Putt for dough.” Our editor and Gear Patrol zealot engraved his “Read Gear Patrol” and “I’m, not kidding… read it”. He then closed the browser window as I went on to customize mine further with a Purpleheart wood inlay and three Bloodwood aiming lines, skipping the custom tips and faceplate. Yes, this putter has that many options.

What this means to you: The craftsmanship of the Musty Putter is unparalleled. Each piece is unique as no two can have the same patterns of wood. Looking somewhat like a 20th century wood driver the Musty Putter harks to an older aesthetic. It’s sure to cause conversation, but you should read on to find out the performance aspect. Quality indeed.

Cost: $250-$350 + Customization @ Musty Putters

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