Smiley Psycho-Tonic Cologne cannot be accomplished through looks and charm can surely be accomplished through psycho-tonic fragrances.

Um, not so much. But it never hurts to have something else on your side. Smiley Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance that uses cocoa extracts, phenylethylamine, which sets of feelings of joy, excitement, and Theobromine that blocks the receivers of adrenalin and decreases the effects of stress. The fragrance strats off slightly spicy then wraps it in a warm woody musky wrapping – unexpected from the packaging we assure you.

What this means to you: I’ve tried a bottle of this. I live in New York so there is no shortage of extraordinary looking women at any given moment. None of them have leaped from their heels onto my back in a raging moment of happy passion, but that doesn’t mean I’ve given up hoping it will…

Cost: $55-90 @ Beauty Exclusive