Mad River Rocket Killer B


GP.REVIEW.gifSqueeze in one half sled, one half adrenaline rush and you’ve got yourself way to occupy the last of the winter months. If not, I’m sure the slopes in colder climates will serve just as well for your run on the Mad River Rocket.

The Mad River Rocket began when an architect named David Sellers tried to find a way to slide down the hills of Vermont. What started as two toy toboggan’s sliced in half and pinned together and since then transformed into what you see here – a snow forging rocket.

mad.river.rocket.product.shot.jpgThe hull of the Mad River Rocket is fabricated from thick, virgin polyethylene. Sure-grip, ribbed knee pads are designed for comfort and performance and a quick release belt. There are two holes drilled into the bow for the inevitable walk uphill or trek from the lift.

What this means to you: We’ve had a Mad River Rocket for over a month now. We took it with us on the last couple of ski/board trips and in less than two runs all our cronies were clamoring for a turn at the helm of the Mad River Rocket. The inevitable comparisons to the sled scene in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation were shared with liberal outbursts of “Clark, the shitter’s full.”

Cost: $100 @ Mad River Rocket