PS3 DualShock 3

April 3, 2008 Tech : Electronics By

ps3.dualshock.3.rumble.controller.jpgBehold, the ridiculously long overdue PlayStation 3 DualShock controller. Aptly named “DualShock 3”. Starting April 15 you’ll be able to finally add rumble features to many of your favorite games like every other system has been doing for, oh, 10 years.

There are no other differences in the controller, only rumble. It will continue to have SIXAXIS functionality and works on more than 100 current titles. We couldn’t tell you what any of those 100 are though.

What this means to you: This writer personally laments having three PS3 controllers without rumble, but plans to add a fourth to his repertoire and laughing hysterically as his three friends play without the immersive gaming experience that is: hand vibrating.

Cost: $55 @ SonyStyle

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