Eddie Bauer Fogoff

eddie.bauer.fogoff.jpgThe winter is almost over but foggy windshields will still plague a lot of guys and their rides, especially if they don’t have the luxury of parking in a garage. Unless you have one of the few cars that have a defrosting windshields (e.g. Land Rover) then watching your car’s regular A/C defroster to clear the windows is an excruciating process, especially when you’re in a morning rush.

The Fogoff tool from Eddie Bauer wil clear your window using its 100% man-made chamois exterior to wipe away fog and condensation from mirrors and windows in a clean, simple tool you can keep in your glove compartment.

Keep one for the car, one for the boat and one at home and give fog a big fat peace sign.

Cost: $12.50 @ Eddie Bauer