Sooloos Control:One Music System

Sooloos is a fine example of a product that isn’t marred by mainstream requirements. When price isn’t an objective but tailored music is then get a quote from Sooloos and start assembling a system suited for your needs, whether you live in a studio or a sprawling estate.

Nothing adds ambiance, energy or a generally great feeling to a party or evening alone than music. It can make or break a night and that’s where Sooloos excels. The ControlOne, part of the Sooloos comprehensive lineup, is a device that controls, imports and congfigures all your music needs. The interface is a gorgeous 17″ touch panel display (a smaller 7″ screened micro controller and remote are also available). Better yet is the completely lossless importing ability which audiophiles will appreciate from the outset.

Sooloos.ControlOne.jpgThere are far too many features to list here so visit Sooloos for more on what they do. Erstwhile, here are some feature highlights:

  • Touch control devices provide a uniquely engaging means of interacting with your music
  • Intuitive graphical interface allows for easy management of huge music libraries
  • Extensive album, performer, genre and related metadata, including high resolution cover art
  • Audio circuitry is based on the same designs used in professional recording studios
  • Audio is losslessly encoded, ensuring bit-for-bit accuracy to the source material
  • All components are fanless and use virtually no moving parts, for near-silent operation
  • Expandable to allow tens of thousands of albums of CD-quality audio in up to 32 zones
  • All audio storage is mirrored, ensuring zero downtime in the event of disk failure
  • Using a PC, you can effortlessly transfer music from your Sooloos system to your iPod®
  • Control Sooloos with the most popular home control systems, including Crestron® and AMX®

Cost: Varies by installation @ Sooloos