There Will Be Blood
“I’ll drink your milkshake.”

Quote of the year. Only Daniel Day-Lewis could make it so and not a response to Kelis’ overplayed song. If you don’t know what we’re talking to then you need to buy There Will Be Blood now, watch it and be awed by director Paul Thomas Anderson’s masterpiece. A movie that’s highlights many of today’s social issues: ambition, corruption, obsession with oil, There Will Be Blood follows self-made oil tycoon (the first ten minutes of the movie make that abundantly clear) Daniel Plainview whose antics, speeches and might are mesmerizing to watch. At it’s worst.

Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar for his performance in There Will Be Blood. It’s easy to understand why. Some might say Day-Lewis’ choice to only act once every half decade and in choice rolls affords him better chances at winning Oscars. To those doubters, may we submit for your approval: There Will Be Blood, quite possibly Daniel Day-Lewis’ crowning film achievement.

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