Hublot Big Bang Black Ceramic Black Magic | 301.CX.130.RX
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The “Big Bang” marks Hublot’s new Fusion concept. With a mix of sportiness and elegance. Either way, it looks incredible.

The casing is black ceramic and 44.5mm and inside you’ll find the new Jacquet 1859 mechanical movement with an automatic winding mechanism visible throug hit’s exposition backing. Other components include a circular-grained bottom-plate, polished satin-finish bridges with chamfered edges, black PVD screws and an oscillating weight. The weight even sports the Hublot color scheme. Other intersting composition of materials are the stamped carbon dial, enlarged bezel (also in cermaic) polished and blocked with ‘H’ shaped slots.

What this means to you: Tired of unique-ness yet? Me neither. Hot.

Cost: $12,600 @ Hublot