John Deere X749 Ultimate Tractor


I see two things here:

1) Grass’ worst enemy and 2) Neighborhood envy at it’s finest.

If you own any more than 2 square yards of grass then mowing is a chore. Like any good man your desire to turn chores into sweet sweet fun is inherent and there’s no better way to make that happen than upgrading your gear. Perhaps throwing away your Snapper push mower and trading in for an a diesel powered 24 horsepower full-time 4wd with a 62″ wide blade deck is overkill, but it never hurts to know the best.

The X749 embodies all that’s wonderful about American grandiose. Everything from it’s heavy-duty robotically welded frame to accomodate a myriad number of attachments, shock resistant nodular cast iron front axel, four-wheel steering for tremendous maneuverability and less time on that damn push mower, two-function hydraulic control system to control peripheral equipment, 12v power outlet for your iPod or cellphone, six-position tilt steering wheel, and of course a cupholder.

Better yet, this is only a few of the features you’ll find on the John Deere x749. Go ahead, build your own, but don’t blame us when your 4.5hp Toro suddenly starts to look just a little… diminutive.

What this means to you: Suddenly living in New York doesn’t seem all that appealing. Maybe a Saturday jaunt up to Central Park is in order. (Ed: Pass on the weekly summer mowing, but I’m drooling at the prospect of putting some baseball field patterns in someone’s yard – at least once)

Cost: $13,429 @ John Deere

Reasonable Option: John Deere LA105 Lawn Tractor | Cost: $1499 @ John Deere