Kensington Ci70 Keyboard


I work on a laptop every day. Granted it’s hooked up to an Apple Cinema Display and an Apple Keyboard, but I purposely got the new Apple Keyboard that emulates the keys found in the newer MacBooks and MacBook Air (which for sake of disclosure is the laptop I work on).

To the chagrin of wrists and at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome I continue to type on these slightly numbed devices, it’s what I feel comfortable on (despite it’s health risks).

While catching up on some ‘net reading I came across this Kensington Ci70 Keyboard and have to say it’s something I’m going to buy. The fact that it’s not only the type of keyboard I love to work on, has great design and also offers additional media and connectivity features only sweetens the deal. Now that it’s finally available in oh so smooth black I’m getting it. [via]

Features after the jump.

Cost: $50 @ Kensington


  • Two easy-access USB 2.0 ports allow a quick connection to cameras, MP3 players, thumb drives and more
  • A built-in mini USB connector with cable allows easy downloads of content from your camera or mobile phone
  • 35% smaller footprint and low-profile design saves desk space and reduces clutter
  • Five keyboard hot keys for instant access to mail, media, search and more
  • Media keys offer volume control, track control, play and pause
  • Soft-touch keys offer a crisp, responsive touch for added comfort
  • Sliding door offers a nice finished look