De Grisogono Meccanico DG Limited Edition

April 11, 2008 Style By

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The De Grisogono Meccanico DG is an innovative new watch and despite of its digital looks, it’s entirely mechanical. The watch is constructed of 651 separate pieces and contains no LEDs or digital parts. Made out of titanium, this piece is built to last and is going to be in limited production. Di Grisogono is only producing 177 of these bad boys to memorialize their 50th anniversary.

The Meccanic DG will be able to display 2 time zones and is billed as the most complicated mechanical digital watch in the world, probably because it’s first mechanical-digital watch. The digital display is actually a series of cams that rotate to form the digital numbers on the watch. Available in four styles; red gold/titanium, gold/titanium, and platinum/titanium. The Meccanico DG is water resistant up to 100 and is presumed to cost a pretty penny. [via]

What this means to you: If you can get your hands on this limited time piece, besides the fact that no price has been listed, you my friend are a master of the hustle. This watch has more complicated mechanics then most cars and you can also be proud at the fact that you’re keeping it real with the tightest analog watch around.

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