H20 Audio Waterproof iPod Cases

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By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo

I don’t usually listen to music when I workout. It messes with my pace and it’s just dangerous when I’m cycling through the city. But surfing is a whole different story. I’ve sat on my board in between sets wishing I could listen to the reverb of Dick Dale or the acoustic tones of Brian Wilson. Enter H2O Audio’s line of waterproof iPod cases and headphones.

H20.Audio.Waterproof.iPod.Cases.surf.jpgI first heard about these when I added swimming to my regular workouts about two years ago. But, I didn’t think of surfing with one until now. Or really until the big-wave surfer, Laird Hamilton, started promoting H2O Audio’s surf series. Not only has Hamilton started endorsing them, with his help they will be developing the “next generation of surf/music products.”

Currently, they offer a wide range of cases that fit both older and newer iPods. They even have a case that fits the $50 iPod shuffle. All the cases in the surf series are water proof to 10 feet and have a LatchTight™ Locking Closure and a SealTight™ Connector. Basically, this means that your iPod will stay dry if you’re surfing the Jersey shore or the infamous North Shore. Also, their cases allow you to easily use the iPod scroll wheel under water. So next time your shredding waves or just waiting for the next big one, you can chill to your favorite surf music

What this means to you: You can take your iPod into the water without worrying about a bill from Rapid Repair.

Cost: $40-$80 @ H20 Audio