Help I Have A Headache Tablet Pack

Help.I.Have.A.Headache.Tablet.Pack.jpgThis package is pretty ingenius, not only for it’s packaging but it’s premise. It’s a 12 pack of nearly pure 500mg acetaminophen tablets. The folks at Help Remedies have avoided using dyes and coatings many companies now use to dress up their pills and market as ways to ease the ingestion process. The acetaminophen is a great treatment for headaches and doesn’t cause the stomach problems that aspiring and ibuprofen do.

Our take on that is that if you’re a guy why the hell do you need coatings? Ever thought about the food you ingest without a problem?

What this means to you: Toss a pack in your golf bag, car or desk. No doubt those are three places you’re bound to get a headache.

Cost: $6 @ Help I Need Help

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