Kobalt 26-Gallon Compressor with 6-Tool Kit


Kobalt is a new generation of tools that set function first never forgetting durability or aesthetics. I’m a bit of a do it yourself kind of guy and a good set of power tools never sets me off in the wrong direction. The 26-gallon compressor from Kobalt gives me 15mps and 3,900 RPM worth of power from a zero-maintenance, oil-free pump motor to power the 6 tools included with the kit. On to the tools…

The kit includes a twin hammer impact ratchet (your winter tires will be off in 2.5 seconds), cylinder professional hammer with quick change spring retainer, professional ratchet with twin pawl, paint sprayer, 25 foot air hose, and a slew of accessories.

What this means to you: Your next project won’t be big enough.

Cost: $299 @ Lowe’s