Resistance 2 2 is an upcoming science fiction first person shooter video game for the PlayStation 3. It is currently in development by Insomniac Games and will continue to be published by Sony Computer Entertainment America. The game is scheduled for a European release in November 2008 and a North American release in Fall 2008.

The plot is a continuation of the Resistance: Fall of Man storyline. The game starts with a Black Ops aircraft taking Sgt. Nathan Hale to the base of the Special Projects Research Administration (SPRA) in Iceland. Hale arrives at the base and discovers that there are others like him that are resistant to the Chimera virus who have been collected together from around the world by the SPRA. The Chimera (Bad ass aliens) launch a full-scale attack on the SPRA forces Chimera forces and Sentinels manage to escape to the United States.

The game will feature two campaigns: a single player campaign which will follow the story of Nathan Hale and a co-operative campaign that will have a storyline running parallel to Hale’s campaign. (Ed: Sweet.) Like most of the games coming out now there will be a co-op mode which will support up to 8 players online or 2 player split screen and will include classes like medic, heavy weapons, special ops, and disgruntled Sgt, that can kick everyone’s ass…well the last one I made up, but most good war movies have that guy. The online multiplayer part of the game will support up to 60 players online, which means trash talking and mad ammo slinging.