Marc Ryan Arevalo | Gear Patrol’s New Contributing Editor

From the Editor – I’m excited today to introduce one of our two new contributing editors to Gear Patrol. Marc Ryan Arevalo is located right here in New York City where Gear Patrol is published. We’re excited to have him join the team so take the time to email and welcome him. You should look forward to the knowledge he brings to the table from being an outdoor zealot. Let me avoid any further formality here by allowing Marc to introduce himself.


Hello, my name is Marc and I’m addicted to Gear Patrol. I started my subscription because I wanted to win free stuff, and I did. After that, I found myself checking the website everyday then finally two or three times a day while I was at work… that’s when I knew I had a problem. Not caring that I would get an email alert about new posts, I had to read the witty humor and learn about the latest gadgets before anybody else. When Gear Patrol said they where hiring, I felt compelled to apply. A month later, here I am confessing my addiction and introducing myself as the newest member of the Gear Patrol team.

So, who is Marc? Well, I’m a financial analyst and originally from Virginia, having moved to Manhattan about 8 years ago for college. After college I got a job at a major financial services firm and haven’t looked back. A year ago I moved to (gasp) New Jersey. But, before you dismiss me as bridge and tunnel trash, there are a couple of benefits to the Garden State. One, rent is more managable. Two, I have a car and therefore a way to get out of the city and do the things I like to do.

What occupies my time? You can see from my first post that I surf, having picked it up late last summer and surfed until the cold simply made it unbearable. When I’m not surfing you’ll find me hiking every chance I get. Otherwise, I’m on either one of of two vehicles: riding my bike out on 10-20 miles rides or my ’07 Mini Cooper S named beaster (love that car).

Eric asked me what my dream gear would be and I had to say it would be Allison Stokke um… I mean a Ferrari Enzo. Cliche? Perhaps. Incredible (on either account)? Undoubtedly.

Anyway, hope you enjoy what I’m bringing to the table and encourage you to help feed my addiction by sharing posts, commenting and subscribing.

Marc can be reached for questions or comments via email at any time. If you want to read all of Marc’s posts, consider bookmarking his post thread.