Hot Cold Mug

A little while back Charles & Marie sold (they still do) a clever mug aptly named the On Off Mug. It was a beverage mug that changed in color depending on the temperature. Basically, if the mug was full of hot java it showed ON, progressively changing into OFF as the coffee disappeared or cooled. Pretty fitting of my own propensity for directly correlating my mood depending on coffee consumption. Who said caffeine was a drug? (hand shaking)

The Hot Cold Mug, you guessed it, does exactly the same thing. No further explanation needed. The ever so simple yet clever premise of the mug works just as perfectly and will be available in about three weeks from now. A more perfect gift for your I-don’t-talk-to-you-unless-there-are-exactly-two-point-five-cups-of-coffee-in-my-stomach compadre. If not, then feel free to send the Gear Patrol team a set.

Cost: $25 Preorder @ Charles & Marie