Victorinox Swiss Army Travel Sentry Cable Lock

Victorinox-Travel-Sentry-Cable-Lock.jpgTake my advice: Lock your bags when you travel. My luggage has shown up before with things missing and honestly the battle to figure out how to recover those items has never been worth the effort. Not to mention, it’s just good practice.

Whether you’re a casual traveler, backpacker, or call Delta Terminal 5 your second home, security matters. At first glance you might not think much of the Victorinox Swiss Army Travel Sentry Cable Lock but it’s equipped with so much more. First, it uses a cable (not a latch) to secure your gear. The cable is much more versatile providing you some flexibility and never compromising on security.

What this means to you: No, you don’t need one on your briefcase or attache, but if you’ve got three pieces of luggage, what’s 50 bucks to ensure peace of mind.

Cost: $15 @ Amazon