Powell Peralta Skull and Sword Deck


Re-issued decks are the Mitchelle and Ness jerseys to the skate world. I can recall plenty of times when I was out skating running into some older dude claiming ‘I used to skate’. I would hand them my deck and they would try to pop and ollie, there’s nothing like knowing that you still got it. That’s why as being a distinguished fellow myself, I keep my own deck handy.

Powell Peralta is a staple in skateboarding history and their re-issue of the Skull & Sword deck has me day dreaming of the times I used to kill it every time I set my eyes on it. The Skull & Sword was one of Powell’s first graphics from infamous artist Vernon Courtlandt Johnson and the graphic was so popular it became their official team board.

I own a couple re-issues myself and whether it be for cruising down the street to the nearest bodega or using it as a nice piece of décor, a guy should always have a board handy.

Cost: $62 @ SK8supply.com