Ready your living room, you’re about to be buried in an avalanche of glorious rich surround sound. The Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid XD Surround Sound Speaker System is one of Aperion Audio’s finest home theater systems. The system is comprised of two 6T towers, 6C center channel, two 5DB dipole/bipole surround speakers and a Bravus 12D subwoofer.

Long story short, it will rock your face off.

Aperion.Audio.Intimus.6T-DB.Hybrid.XD.Speaker.System.wood.jpgLet’s start with the bass – every guy likes bass. The Bravus 12D subwoofer has not one but two 12 inch drivers that you’ll literally feel as it’s 500 watt digital amplifier explodes with room shaking frequences throughout your room (and neighborhood no less). The 6T towers and 6C center channel speakers will envelope you in flawless sound reproduction with a soundstage wider than a Lincoln Town car. Forget audio sweet spots, you’ll have a sweet room. Moving further back the dual 5DB dipole/bipole surround speakers will immerse the rest of your auditory senses with glorious cinema scale surround sound.

What this means to you: Warning, the Aperion Audio Intimus 6T-DB Hybrid XD Surround Sound Speaker System will create mad scientist laughter as picture frames fall from the walls, noise complaints are made, wives file for divorce, girlfriends move out and all forms of life cower at the sound of your Richter Scale measurable home theater.

Cost: $3769 (Range: $1170 – $5859) @ Aperion Audio