Cloverfield the aspirin. Clovefield is about to hit the shelves and your movie collection. The migraine inducing film will no doubt raise your hopes that one day internet will be teeming with shaky handheld movies of the same caliber but lets not get ahead of ourselves here.

The J.J. Abrams produced and Matt Reeves directed film follows five young New Yorkers in a truly terrible course of events. Starting at a going-away party and ending with an encounter with a skyscraper sized monster, Cloverfieldn will make you rethink complaints about a bad evening out.

I won’t sit here and promise you any depth to the storyline of this movie. The idea of character development is laughable and no one, not even the creepy guy from American Beauty, would carry a camcorder through the absolute hell these characters encounter. What I can say is the jarring feeling you’ll get from viewing what feels like yet another YouTube-ready video of a party to the horror of seeing New York and it’s inhabitants destroyed is visceral and stirring. Just make sure you’ve got some aspirin around.

Cost: $16 @ Amazon

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