Klipsch Palladium P-39F Speakers by BMW DesignWorks

Klipsch-Palladium-P-39F-Speakers.jpgWhat do you get when you mix a premium speaker company with a performance design firm like BMW DesignWorksUSA? Well, the Klipsch Palladium P-39F is a good estimation.

The floorstanding speakers are a collaboration of design and sound technology. The CEA 2008 Best Floorstanding Speaker award winning P-39F speakers are encased in a curved form finished with a horizontal zebra-grain veneer. They stand nearly 5 feet tall. Klipsch’s trademark horn speaker is recessed into the top of the speaker cabinet in a jewel like setting. Lower frequencies are emitted through a nearly flat driver design. Combined they emit a high-efficiency low distortion, controlled directively flat frequency response, wide dynamic range sound. The entire package rests on a ‘floating’ brushed aluminum base.

What this means to you: Sounds delicious.

Cost: $15,000 @ Klipsch (summer 2008)