Cobb Premier Grill Ultimate Combo

Cobb-Premier-Grill-Ultimate-Combo.jpgAt it’s core, the Cobb Premier Grill is an 8.5 lb grill that uses 8-10 charcoal briquettes for three hours of cooking. Yes, cooking – not just grilling. The Cobb Grill can roast, bake, smoke and fry anything you throw at it put in it using a design that retains and transfers heat like a convection oven. Reaching 500 degree temperatures, the Cobb’s outer base remains completely cool to the touch allowing you to move it with ease. Despite it’s compact dimensions you’ll be able to prepare meals for 4-6 people with ease.

The kit includes a wok, skillet, griddle, roasting rack, smoker pot, sample of smoker pellets and a box of firestarters.

What this means to you: Perfect for your summer barbeque or just a compact grilling solution for you space-deprived city dwellers.

Cost: $290 @ Netshops