Incase iPhone Slider Case


I’ve never been much of a case man and every phone I have owned has been rocked with no protection and have the battle scars to prove it. Last year I bought an iPhone and until last weekend, never sported a case for it, until I walked into an Apple store and sighted the Incase Slider. The case was sleek and looked like it belonged on the phone from day one. It even passed my little OCD test of slipping into my pocket and pulling it out with flying colors.

The main reason I’m writing about this phone case, is to tell you that it’s the real deal in protection for your precious iPhone. This weekend I was out riding my bike and to make a long story short, my iPhone flew out of my tank mounted bag while I was doing about 70mph. The second that happened I thought my phone was done. Combing the highway my phone was not to be found Later that night I went back with a flash light and low a behold, there was my iPhone… sitting there, still operational and the case still intact with some substantial battle scars.

For the finest in sleek, durable protection, the ultra slim Slider Case for iPhone is made of hardshell plastic and features a minimal wall thickness of 1mm. Interior rubber guardrails provide shock absorption in addition to impact and scratch protection and the removable bottom cover makes for easy dock connection. The case comes in Glossy black, white and a rubberized black matte finishes.

Cost: $35 @ Incase