Todd Reed Diamond Cufflinks


By Guest Writer Mark Arevalo

Men don’t usually think about diamonds. When we do it usually means we’re about to do something obtuse (think marriage), or we need to make up for something even more obtuse (think Kobe Bryant). But diamonds don’t just have to be a gift for that special someone. Men can sport diamonds too. No, I’m not talking about iced out grilles or blinged out chains. I’m talking about raw diamond cufflinks; the kind of cufflinks that that exude subtle sophistication; the kind of cufflinks that set you apart from every other suit in the room.

Since 1992, Todd Reed has specialized in raw diamond jewelry and now his collection includes cufflinks. Each cufflink is hand made in Todd’s Colorado studio, where he and his nine employees set raw diamonds in recycled gold or oxidized sterling silver. The diamonds are sourced from reputable vendors locally and from around the world.

The raw diamond look lets you standout without being flashy. Or as Todd Reed says, “Our raw look creates a very masculine jewel for even the most understated gentleman.” So forget all you know about the four C’s of diamond buying, and get yourself a pair.

(ED: The pictures don’t do these cufflinks justice. I’ve seen several pairs in person, and it took a lot of will not to run out the door with them)

Cost: $6,000+ @ Todd Reed