Adidas BARRICADE V Tennis Shoe

Adidas-BARRICADE-V-Tennis-Shoe.jpgAnyone in the tennis world will tell you that footwork is key to building a better game. Besides, what good is that swing you’ve been perfecting if you can’t get to the ball? It may be time to upgrade your footwear.

One of the best hard court tennis shoes just got better with the updated Adidas Barricade V. Extremely comfortable and flexible, with ample mesh to keep your foot dry when the pressure is on. Although the Barricade V is lightweight, it sacrifices nothing in support. Utilizing a combination of Adidas’ Torsion System and Claw supports, this shoe gives your feet excellent stability and lateral side support, perfect for those quick transitions on the court when you need to stop on a dime to whip that forward winner cross court.

What This Means To You: Treat your feet to something nice. Believe us, they’ll appreciate it.

Cost: $120 @ Amazon