Aspinal of London Shoe Cleaning Kit

Aspinal-of-London-Shoe-Cleaning-Kit.jpgYou spend well over $100 on a pair of nice leather shoes and some of you pay even more than that. Sure, your local polish shop may do a fine job but take five minutes to upgrade yourself – get a polish kit and learn how to shine your damn shoes.

This shoe cleaning kit from Aspinal of London will set you back well over one Benjamin, but it will last you the lives of multiple shoes and if you buy quality shoes then you’ll know that’s a long time. There’s no reason why a good set of wingtips, leather dress shoes or boots won’t last you a a decade with proper care. Proper care being the operative word here.

How to: Follow this 5-minute Shoeshine Method on Slacker Manager.

Cost: $127 @ Aspinal of London