Mission Bicycle


It’s had been a long time since I’ve hopped on a bicycle and cruised around the neighborhood. It’s been so long in fact that I don’t even own a bicycle anymore. Having been in and out of various sporting good stores and bike shops browsing for a trusty steed to pedal around, it was tough making a decision. Choosing whether a titanium alloy monster with NASA engineered gears and shocks off of a monster truck are necessary, can making the proper bike selection downright tough.

This is where Mission Bicycles comes in. Simple bikes made of grade ‘A’ components with hell of a lot of customization options. Mission Bicycles specialize in fixed gear bicycles, which means that when your bike is rolling, your feet are pedaling. This presents a new challenge for cyclists and also allows the rider to be in complete control. Fixed gear bicycles are a favorite in the bicycle messenger community because of their lightweight and simplistic style. Now this is my type of bicycle.

The guys over at Missions Bicycles take pride in their product and assure that the love they put into their bikes cannot be matched by the larger bicycle companies.

“Mission Bicycles are works of art and we can create that dreamy ride you’ve always wanted.”

Hit up their site to create a bike that represents you and like the guys over a Mission Bicycles take care of the rest. Choose from options like Vittoria Rubino tires to Soma Track handlebars to Sugino KyotoLOCO cranksets.

Cost: $795 + Options @ Mission Bicycle