GP Protocol | Rule #47 – Acceptable Levels of Bullshit

gp_protocol1.gifGear Patrol Protocol Rule #47 – When discussing stories in a bar with friends, an acceptable amount of exaggeration is no less than 10% in the spirit of adding color, but no more than 50% without being called ‘bullshit’ on. This rule applies towards men and female friends. If said recipient of story is an attractive woman you have a 50/50 chance at picking up then acceptable tolerance rises to 200%.*

* – The previously accepted rate of 400% no longer applies as modern woman are less likely to be impressed. You do not have a trust fund, you do not have a Gulfstream IV and you are not that endowed.

Advice Postscript: A man should know how to throw a punch. A man who slaps is immediately defined as a woman. Follow these steps to learn how to throw a single knockout punch, perhaps at the fellow who calls ‘Bullshit’ on your stories at a bar.