EEZ-Read Putting Aid


A dozen lessons later and $1000 poorer, you’re still no closer to mastering your putting game. In fact, you’re still 3-putting every hole. Let us introduce you to a device that just might help you improve your putting.

The EEZ Read is an amazing new putting aid that helps you read those tough breaks. What you’re looking at is essentially a bubble level attached to a stainless steel disc. This lightweight, palm-sized device is easy to use. Simply place the EEZ Read on the break line halfway between the ball and the hole, and once you determine how the ball is going to move, pick up and place the device within 6 inches of the hole to see if that break continues all the way to the hole. Where the bubble ends up on the level determines whether the the ball will move left to right, right to left, uphill or downhill, and any number of combinations in between.

So what if your buddies give you the evil eye when you pull this out of your pocket. They won’t think twice once you start sinking putt after putt. It’s just that awesome. What else would you expect from a Best New Product winner of the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show?

What this means to you: Mastering the greens by using a level? You better believe it.

Cost: $15 @ Momentus Golf