Netflix Player by Roku

Netflix-Player-by-Roku.jpgSomewhere, the Postal Service revenue department is crying a little.

The new Netflix Player by Roku negates the single biggest flaw of Netflix, snail mail. With access to Netflix’s library of 10,000 movies and television episodes you’ll be able to instantly watch movies from your queue. Netflix’s standard library of 100,000 DVD’s remains part of your subscription, but not instant. We’re sure that will change in time. Descriptions and ratings are all right there too.

Netflix-Player-by-Roku-ports-rear-view.jpgThe best part is Netflix didn’t skimp on the compatibility. An HDMI (480p output), optical audio-out, ethernet, wi-fi, RCA jacks, S-Video and component video ports and intuitive remote control are all part of the relatively low-priced box. Buy the box once, keep a monthly subscription and watch as much as you want.

What this means to you: I had no idea how much I wanted this until now. I love technology.

Cost: $100 @ Roku