ESPN Ultimate Remote

ESPN-Ultimate-Remote-universal-remote-control.jpgJust when you thought you couldn’t get enough sports data crammed into your life, with 10 ESPN channels in 11 different languages, ESPN finds a way. That’s right guys, the ESPN universal remote is the real deal and not a hoax. Like any other universal remote this one unifies all your remotes into one and is claimed to have an easy setup and be simple to use.

So what makes this remote the “Ultimate Remote”? With this bad boy you’ll no longer have to sit down and watch a game with your laptop, blackberry, and 20 remotes. Why? You may ask, because this thing does it all. With its LCD display and WiFi access, this is the iphone, of the remote world.

It’s Click365 wireless network you’ll have access to instant updates to TV listings, sports, weather, news, and real-time access to sports news, scores, game updates, box scores, standings,, fantasy leagues, stats, schedules. Now if this doesn’t keep you on top of your sports trivia game, I don’t know what will.

Don’t get me wrong all around coverage of everything sports is pretty cool, but this remote also has some other cool features that aren’t sports related and are more in tune to the entertainment side. You can get personalized multi-day program guides for broadcast, cable, or satellite television and browse TV listings right on the remote without needing to change the channel or even turn the TV on.

What this means to you: With a Hi-tech remote like this, you can guarantee you’ll be the only one who can use it, thus the TV will always be your domain.

Cost: $299 @ Amazon