Thomas R. Lord | New GP Contributing Editor

thomas-r-lord-profile-picture-halfpipe.jpgFrom the Editor – Good things come in pairs, right? Well, I’d like to introduce you to the second of Gear Patrol’s two new contributing editors. Undoubtedly, you’ve seen Thomas’ posts already, but it’s time for a formal introduction. Lord joins us from Fort Walton Beach and we’re pretty stoked about what he’s bringing to the GP team. So, without further adieu…

Writing an introduction for one’s self isn’t really an easy task. You try to think about things to say, but everything sounds cocky and conceited. Then I start to think… this is Gear Patrol after all, so how would I review myself?

Well, it’s safe to say I’m a big enthusiast of all things “gear” related. You can expect no shortage of posts covering a large range. It’s safe to say I lean on the sarcastic side and sometimes my humor might be out there, but that’s just what I do. (Ed: sarcastic writers at GP? surely you jest…) Whether it’s playing video games, paintball, working on cars, I like to immerse myself in all types of things. I consider myself a jack of all trade, a master of some and adventurous enough to try most things once.

Career wise I’m a Systems Administrator and served in the Air Force for 8 years – having spent time in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and South Korea.

I am originally from the Republic of Panama where I was born and raised, but spent some time residing in the states as my father was in the military and on the go. I currently live in Fort Walton Beach, which is a laid back spot with white sandy beaches and emerald green water. Don’t be jealous.

What does this mean to you: Plenty of rhetoric describing your soon to be favorite gear. Grab a brew, because I’m sure I’ll be having one, and let the reviews roll…

Thomas can be reached for questions or comments via e-mail at any time. If you want to read all of Thomas’ posts, consider bookmarking his post thread.