Eterna KonTiki Diver

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The Eterna KonTiki Diver timepiece isn’t the newest one around, but it definitely was the first to deploy a hinged led mechanism that allows the mechanical movement container to move from the bridge of the bracelet, negating any errors from the parallax effect. Once the dive time is set on the dual-rotating bezel the diver can then then lock the container back into the bridge without fear of unnecessary bezel rotation. Nice.

Eterna-KonTiki-Diver-alternate-angle.jpgThe timepiece is designed using automobile industry grade sealing mechanisms that allow the Eterna KonTiki to have not only a diving ring adjusted by a rotating bezel instead of a crown but also hold watertight down to 1000 meters.

The black dial of the KonTiki diver is easily legible under any light with it’s large white numbers, raised index marks and wide hands. It measures a robust 46mm and the case is made of PVD coated titanium.

What this means to you: This one’s definitely a no holds bard diver’s watch in every sense of the matter. Now, if I can just get past the name, KonTiki.

Cost: $7,360 @ Gemnation