Explora Patagonia Hotel Salto Chico

Explora-Patagonia-travel-program-hotel-salto-chico.jpgLook around you. Where are you sitting? Are you behind a desk? Are the half toned walls of your office your scenery? The whirr of your computer and clacking of keys the soundtrack to your Friday afternoon?

That. Is. Miserable.

You’re looking at the Hotel Salto Chico nestled in the heart of Torres Del Paine National Park, a 598,000 acre heaven in Patagonia, Chile. I need not say much more than point you back at the image to your right to demonstrate to you what scenery you’ll find in Patagonia. Soundtrack? You can already hear water rushing over the cascades, wind flowing past the granite peaks and your muffled laughter as you realize you’re standing at 51°07’ south latitude and 73°10’ west longitude – quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth. Patagonia.

If you can’t find enough comfort in the nature around you then know that an indoor heated pool, sauna, open-air jacuzzis, luxurious suites, full bar service, Chilean wines and King crab are just a step away. Don’t waste your time with that though; explore Glacier de Grey by foot, take in Rio Serrano on horseback or boat to Laguna Azul. Hell, do all three, take pictures and make your friends utterly jealous.

Cost: $3060+ @ Explora (Single – 4 Nights)