Fuego 02 Grill

fuego-02-outdoor-grill.jpgWhat would a grill look like if Apple made it? The Fuego 02 grill might be a pretty close representation of that. The Fuego 02 grill is designed by Robert Brunner, former industrial designer at Apple.

The 25×33 inch grill lacks nothing in the area of form. It’s relatively compact, has a protective retractable top, single burner grill with 18,500 btu’s of output. There are also built-in residue trays, a a battery powered ignition, weatherproof controls and a slate and teak countertop with hidden storage.

There are also module accessories that allow for the Fuego 02 to hold towels, trays, spice racks, beverage buckets to be attached to the grill.

Cost: $1700 @ US Appliance