Vintage Canon AE-1 SLR Camera

Vintage-Canon-AE-1-Program-SLR-Camera.jpgSure, digital is nice. It’s convenient, fast and cold. Yes, cold. When it comes to digital cameras there’s never that touch of oversaturated and grainy goodness you get from imperfections in film. It’s the difference between a picture and a photograph.

If you’ve got a digital camera then by all means keep it. It’s perfect for on-the-fly shots and candids, but when the subject means just a bit more (like that trip to Mexico or a friend’s wedding) then get yourself a true 35mm film body, like this Canon AE-1 Program SLR (circa 1981). It’s reliable, compact, built like an tank and shoots photographs that will make you look like Ansel Adams… or perhaps this and this.

Editor’s Tip: Stick with the original 50mm f/1.8 lens and forget zoom. You’ll never miss it. Pair it with Fujifilm Press 800 ($4) for inspired and luminous shots.

Cost: $150+ @ B&H