Yours+Mine KY Couples Lubricant

yours-and-mine-ky-jelly-couples-lubricant.jpgMaybe you’re looking for a little extra spice behind closed doors, but your significant other isn’t inclined to inviting that painfully attractive friend of hers. Maybe you’re hesitant to order those ‘products’ online that you thought were cool in the videos, but look a little intimidating in reality. Maybe it’s time for a shot at something more tame.

Yours+Mine from KY is simple. You apply the purple on her, she applies the blue on you and a little something-something starts. When you combine them ‘in action’ something-something even better begins.

What this means to you: Well, it’s the weekend. Why not go for that extra something-something. (Ed: This might be the most awkwardly written post. Ever.)

Cost: $17 @ Amazon | $5 off Coupon