Bold For Men Dry Shave Gel

June 1, 2008 Style : Grooming By

bold-for-men-dry-shaving-gel-4oz-bottle.jpgShaving these days doesn’t really follow all the traditions your father taught you. Where you once lathered foaming gel and cleaned it off with water, Bold for Men Dry Shave Gel is quite the opposite – and in a good way. A non-foaming gel allows your razor to glide right over your face without the need for an ounce of water. Essentially it entirely removes the mess from shaving.

Bold For Men’s dry shave gel also fights razor-burn and irritation, and to our pleasant surprise, allows you to actually see where you’re shaving because the gel is translucent. No more blind shaving. The benefits for those of you looking to shave your head go without saying. The 4 oz. bottle is also perfect for you no-bag-check jetsetters.

Cost: $20 @ M-Maintenance For Men