REI Travel Document Organizer Wallet

rei-travel-document-organizer.jpgSometimes when I’m traveling abroad it’s kind of a pain in the arse to stay organized and remain compact. Usually I have my wallet in one pocket, passport in another, boarding passes in another, and a bunch of other gear spread out between the 10 pockets on my carry-on bag. Yes, it might be a personal problem, but I know I can’t be the only one with this issue because REI has developed a sweet travel wallet.

The REI travel wallet is thin with the dimensions of a paper back book. It might not fit in your pocket, unless you have pretty big one, but it is a nice repository for all your travel stuff. From a company that makes all types of gear for the adventurer in mind, you know a lot of thought has gone into this wallet.

Features include: Clam-shell design, eight interior card pockets, three larger pockets to hold: passport, tickets, itineraries and receipts, two interior zippered mesh pockets, interior pen pocket, and exterior pocket for airline ticket. Constructed of 420-denier nylon for durability.

What this means to you: Being organized saves time , so have another round at the airport bar my friend, cause you’re good.

Cost: $19 @ REI