Rainbow Sandals


Summer is officially here and if you are looking for a nice pair of sandals to rock with your linen pants and board shorts, look no further. Established in 1974 Rainbow is generally regarded as a high-end flip-flop (as opposed to ordinary foam rubber ones) due to their construction with a leather thong and foot bed. Once sold exclusively in California, Rainbow has grown to become one of the top three best-selling brands of sandals in the United States, along with competitors Reef and Teva.

Unlike most consumer sandals, rainbows have built-in arch support and mold to the wearer’s individual foot shape. Rainbow even recommends a number of “break in” procedures, to give your pair of sandals a custom feel.

I own 2 pairs of Rainbows and they’re the best quality sandals I’ve ever owned. Their low profile makes them perfect for stuffing in any type of bag and they have the comfort without all the bulk.

What this means to you: The official look you should be sporting when you’re talking to the babes and somehow utter the word “tubular”.

Cost: $42.50 @ Rainbow Sandals