Voodoo Omen Gaming Computer

voodoo-omen-gaming-computer.jpgThe Apple MacPro Tower might be a gorgeous desktop, in the realm of computers, but the Voodoo Omen is more of a monolithic shrine to the gaming gods. Almost as if it were cut out of a single block of… um… badness.

Voodoo Omen’s austere exterior belies the interior components though. Inside you’ll find a quad radiator and copper cooling pipes, a Voodoo Omen all aluminum chassis, vertical thermal diffusion cooling, built-in 7-inch auxiliary LCD display, tool-less architeecture, top-loading cables for cleaner access, 14 color choices, laser engraving, RGB accent lighting and a price tag that will require a home equity loan. [via Gizmodo]

Cost: $6,500 – $22,000 @ VoodooPC | June 2008